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David Byrne - go see him if u can


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dynamite show here in town last night at the Berklee Center for Performing Arts, a normally highly lame venue where geeky Berklee students sit in their seats taking far too many notes, not quite opening up their ears. last night was pretty tame for the first 3 tunes, then they played Naive Melody and everybody was on their feet grooving for the remainder of the night. we got lots of Heads tunes including Life During Wartime, Heaven (encore), What a Day that Was, I Zimbra, Psycho Killer, Blind, Once in a Lifetime, and maybe a coupla others. AMAZING show. get yo ass in gear and try to make it to one of the shows if you can.

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That sounds sick- I saw his current line-up on one of the late night shows and was impressed. But that run of Heads tunes is pretty much my wishlist of songs short of a Big Business> I Zimbra. Really I couldn't ask for more than to hear what he's doing now and the handful of heads tunes he played. Long live the big suit.

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esau, there's a montreal date this tuesday. i'd drive 5 hours to see him, course i wouldn't want to do the 5hr drive back home.

Annapolis, MD May 22, 2004

Concord, NH May 23, 2004

Montreal, Quebec May 25, 2004

Burlington, VT May 26, 2004

Morristown, NJ May 27, 2004

Tarrytown, NY May 29, 2004

Portland, ME May 30, 2004

Washington, DC June 1-3, 2004

Red Bank, NJ June 4, 2004

Northhampton, MA June 6, 2004

Harrisburg, PA June 7, 2004

New York, NY June 8, 2004

Athens, GA June 11, 2004

Atlanta, GA June 12, 2004

Manchester, TN June 13, 2004

Ann Arbor, MI June 15, 2004

Grand Rapids, MI June 16, 2004

Chicago, IL June 17, 2004

Minneapolis, MN June 18, 2004

Milwaukee, WI June 20, 2004

Chicago, IL June 21, 2004

yeah kung, it really was a good choice of heads tunes, although i did kinda expect to hear a nice City of Dreams or Nothing but Flowers or Girlfriend is Better or .... i guess ya gotta draw the line somewhere. but if you're interested in hearing some of the recent shit, check out sharinginthegroove.com ... i think they got a couple of the shows up there.

a new (to me) song called Lazy is f'n great. they closed the double encore with it and it just sucked everybody back in for another dance party.

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Hey tatterdemalion, I totally agree with you "go see him if u can". I'll be checking Mr. Byrne out at his BONNAROO set on June 13. It's pretty cool since he's sandwiched between two big groups of Talking Heads fans with Guster (Gusters new live DVD/CD set entitled "Guster On Ice" has a performance of "(Nothing But) Flowers" on it) and Trey Anastasio playing the same day.

I saw David Byrne perform in Toronto a couple of years ago at the Phoenix while promoting his last release 2001's "Looking Into The Eyeball". He did perform "(Nothing But) Flowers" that night, but no "Heaven" which I'll be looking forward to at bonnaroo. I vividly remember how much fun it looked like David was having performing for us that night, he's a great front man.

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