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Bo Diddley or Hawkins - whose rippin who?


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I've been listening to a lot of AM radio these days while driving around at work, and can't help but notice the near exact sameness of Bo Diddley's song "Hey Bo Diddley" and Ronnie Hawkins' "Who Do You Love" save for the lyrics. So here's some trivia for the music geeks, who wrote the music first?

(I'm not even positive that Bo Diddley first wrote "Hey Bo Diddley").

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It may be confusing to some when you look at the songwriting credits for Bo Diddley tunes. Bo's real name is Ellas McDaniel and he uses his real name on some of his songwriting credits, ala - Muddy Waters/McKinley Morganfield, Sonny Boy Williamson/Rice Miller etc...

Ronnie isn't a writer. He's a decent interpreter of roots/blues music and he does a pretty good job with Who Do You Love.

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