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Shaker Salvation!!!!


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To All Concerned:

Waitin' for a miracle.....

It is entirely possible that we may be able to salvage a good part of the 2004 Spring Shaker!!

In my frantic, last ditch efforts to make the best of a completely hopeless situation, I may have achieved a partial compromise. This will almost certainly result in the loss of some bands from this festival, but I will make every attempt to oil the troubled waters.

In any event, the refund system is still currently in place, but I would sincerely request that everyone wait until we see what may happen here. I will be attending a meeting at 3pm my time to try to work things out, and that's the best I can tell you at this point.

Your support and devotion to live music is crucial to making this thing work, and I very much hope to host everyone. Details will be posted at around 5-6 pm for all.

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Well folks,

I hate to say she's over, but she's over. I and others tried to pull the shreds together but to no avail.

This time.

Thank you all so very much for your kind words of support, and remember that we are a community that is flexible, tolerant and willing to work hard for the things which we love. There is a strength within us which will allow us to achieve these goals, sometimes making compromises and hitting bad bumps along the way. I assure you again that I will be doing my absolute best to see that future events will indeed take place here at the Farm, and they will be events of which you may all justly be proud of being a part.

Very sincerely,


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Pat my friend,

Your tireless efforts are very much appreciated buddy.Thanks for everything,especially the listening.

When I get "out" of my vacation and depending on when my inheritance goes through,I may have to make a journey east to have a couple beers with ya,I owe ya.

Talk soon & again thanks for all you do for this scene & community.

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