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JJ CALE 6-27-04 Lee's Palace


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damn, i hope i can make this. the decision is a no-brainer for me - JJ don't tour often at all, and galactic doesn't really bring it much either (unless in NOLA) ... scofield is good but no legend.

a buddy of mine said the other night: "Cale should name his new album, 'More Songs for Everybody to Cover'" amazing songwriter he is

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I'm glad I didn't pick up tickets to see Scofield or Galactic, because I'll definitely be going to Cale.

It will only be a couple of weeks later and I'll be seeing Eric Clapton covering the Cale classic "Cocaine" at the Air Canada Centre (on Wednesday July, 7th) and at the HSBC Arena (on Friday July, 9th).

Looking forward to them all!

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Hey Briguy, Eric Clapton does cover another J.J. Cale tune. The song is "I'll Make Love To You Anytime" off of Clapton's now overlooked album "Backless" released in 1978.

On a side note, during this current tour Clapton is performing another tune off that album entitled "Walk Out In The Rain", which is an unreleased Bob Dylan song cowritten with Helena Springs.

Every Clapton show I have seen a Cale cover, minus the "Nothing But The Blues Tour" in 1994. All the shows have had "Cocaine" and during the "Reptile World Tour" Clapton performed "Travelin' Light" as well.

Unfortunately I have yet to see Slowhand do his version of "After Midnight". Though I saw Phish do it at Big Cypress. I have also witnessed Widespread Panic do an excellent version of "Travelin' Light" the first Bonnaroo.

I'm looking forward to this J.J. Cale show at Lee's as I have yet to see him live. I have been listening to Cale for a few years now, though I have actually been enjoying his songs since I was aroun ten or eleven, through Clapton and even Lynyrd Skynyrd. I always loved Skynyrd's version "Call Me The Breeze".

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