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for those bummed about The Shaker.......

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may i make a recommendation?

you got your camping gear all set, and your time booked off work........

join me at Summer Camp.

i haven't been there, but the line up is fantastic...and the whole vibe sounds pretty cool.....

the fest holds a "campsite contest" and the coolest campsite wins 4 passes to the next Summer CAmp....and apparantly alot of people go all out and create some really cool campsites.....

there are three stages, and one of the stages is in the camp ground......so the tent area is just dancing the whole weekend.....

its held in a national park....so its really nice and wooded instead of in a field.... and you can have camp fires......

the late night is held in a BARN! which should be pretty cool...... this year Umphrey's and Leftover Salmon are doing the late nights......

hmmm, what else.....

musicians hold workshops there too..... last year Otiel Burbridge, and Keller both held workshops for anyone willing to listen and partcipate.....

the fest draws about 5000-7000 people, so its pretty small, and the line up this year includes

2 nights of moe.




JMP with fishman

Otiel and the PEace Makers

Charlie Hunter

Leftover Salmon



Jeff Austin of Yonder Mountain String Band

Ray's Music Exchange featuring Maddog of JMP


Om Trio

New Monsoon

Tea Leaf Green

Signal Path is playing friday night pre-party in the campground.......

for more info, click here

oh, and its held like 8 hours away from toronto.


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