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FRONTIER TOWN private party next weekend...


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Its at the real FRONTIER TOWN. Its a replacement for the Shaker.

four or five bands....

need an invitation (or so i've heard)

i think 25 per person for entry into this event, and all upcoming events....or so i hear...i dunno.

i am still in shaker mourning...but there was definately talk from Mr Wilson and his cronies about a private festival this upcoming weekend.

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well, there were invitations being handed out to anyone this weekend...i dont think you truely need one... it maybe something to get around the law...

i can pretty much assure you, if you showed up, you'll be let in.

email mark wilson about it, as far as i know, he's putting it on.


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It was explained to me was that you needed 1 invitation per car... Just make sure you ride with someone who has one... It's $25 at the gate, plus if you're interested, you can pay another $25 to become a member... Details are a little sketchy, it was a seriously rough weekend...

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Thanks man, I'm on the fence too but its good to know that the option is now there! I'm very curious about the line-up.

Peterborough has some options this weekend too eh:

Thurs - Jenny Whiteley @ Cosmic Charlies

- Dub Trinity @ Red Dog

Fri - Merle Haggard @ Memorial Centre (i know, i know)

Sat - Busboyeez, BA Johnston & more @ Trash

Thursday is convocation at Trent so a bunch of kiddies will be back in town and I'm guessing Dub Trinity will have a good sized crowd. I'm going to see Jenny Whiteley for sure (solo or not) and then I'll make it over to Dub Trinity.

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hmmm... I'd love to see Cosmic Boogie Band again. I feel really bad though, when they were playing the second stage on Sunday it was kinda dark and I accidently knocked over one of their mic stands in front of the stage!

If anyone from the band reads this I'M REALLY SORRY, there was a lot of light coming from the side of the stage and I was blinded by the time I got in front of the stage.

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