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Hey Folks-

This past w/e, Sarah and I did up a road trip out to Michigan. We caught the nero boys in Traverse City,Mi.

Had dinner and a few tasty microbrews at the Mackinac Brewing Co, followed by the show.

They played a roadhouse with a lounge feel to it called the Loading Zone. Phun 2 set show... Whispy Mt, Breakline, Crabwalk,Downside Up, Lemondust, Johnny Joe, 401 amongst others. Watch out for Afro Mullet->Speedo Jam ;)

During the first set a bachelorette party roared in. Pretty funny watching them all disco to Lemondust. A definite townie presence at this show. Some great 80's era looks.

A decent nero night of music, and a memorable venue (if only for the crowd). Phun stuff and good to support the band in a far off venue.

Unfortunately the weather on Sunday didn't co-operate. Floods and torrential rains bagged our mt-biking plans :(

We did manage to do check out Frankenmuth,Mi. Michigans little Bavaria. Walked around the cobbled stone pathways until we ended up at the Frankenmuth Brewing Co, for micros,brats and kraut.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long w/e as well.


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