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I need a heady massage!


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Easy,in four steps.

1.Get home,right away,get undressed.

2.ASAP start a moderate to medium intake of beer and after three perhaps four beers( I reccomned four at medium - high intake),adiministor three to seven grams of mushrooms to your system,(Psilocybe cubensis,personally I prefer Psilocybe tampanensis.

3.[insert fav. high energy music]

4.Smile and repeat.

[color:"red"] Note:Mushrooms may be self administered by ones own personal preference.

[color:"blue"] Beer may be drank,chugged,funneled or shotgunned,sipping and "nursing" ones beer will only increase the back/shoulder pain (and is rather sissy anyway)

[color:"red"] Disclaimer: It is not the intention of the author to lead belief to any type of sale,legal or illegal,this is purely researched advice offered FREE OF CHARGE and does not aid anyone in any method of purchase or location/finder fees and is for personal use only,ultimatley it is up to the paitent to obtain the required medicines,the author assumes no responsibilty for any "bad trips",puking,drunk driving,illegal purchase of a controlled substance for means of personal use and/or profit,confusion,cramps,loss of senses,blindness and related eye conditions.Your on your own.

By reading this page you agree that any and all responsibilty is no longer the authors.

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that's hilarious.... but my back is back to normal today. I guess the weekend caught up to me. Last night I consummed lots of ganja and I went to bed early.

Thank goodness my back is better because now I can wreck it again tonight at "That 1 Guy" show.

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