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What hotel for The Slip in Motnreal?


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hey brad - i'm going to be at that show too, but i think we're gonna find a spot once we get into town... last time i was in montreal we had arranged a room beforehand and it turned out there were tons of places way closer to the venue. i'm not opposed to booking ahead, just not too familiar with the city.

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and if you forget your ticket or money and it's REALLY cold out and you don't realize until you get to Le Swimming and turn around and go all the way back to your really FAR AWAY hotel closet to get your stuff...

but ya take a cab back and it's all good ::

nothing compared to what the Slip went through that nite crossing the border and the borrowed gear and all

am i rambling?

The Slip in 2 days....far out man!

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Hotel l'Abri du Voyageur

Great place.Rooms $49.00.Studio $85.00.

St Catherines ant Clark-you can walk any where from here.

fifty bucks for a room in Montreal is tres le cheap, definately bout as cheap as you'll find... looks pretty nice too... $90 for a suite would kick le ass

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