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4000 - Jupiter and beyond.....


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4000 posts....

Well,its definatley a testament to how much my life has changed since november 02 (although I registered here 02/28/02,I used a friend's computer at first),thats when I finally stepped into the current decade and got a small,slow tortoise of a computer of my own,less then 1 g HD,less then 100 ram..and a 14" monitor.Used to take anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute to wait for each thread to open and was just out right annoying...

Now,I'm a fair step better off with loads of memory and high speed cable,bit torrents,mpegs etc etc..shit and a load of other things I would have stared blankly at if you had said that to me before novemeber 2002...

Today,in this post I reach the post total of 4000...

Is this a good thing?

The 15 extra pounds I'm carrying tell me no,I need a to get a life,but the list of great people I've met from here since 2002 tells me yeah its alright.

So without furthur a-do heres a rabbit with a pancake on its head.


And again with a cookie (peanut butter perhaps?)


some double pancake action maybe?


Well,ya know,I guess some of you freaks are alright with me,even the Phish "phans"...thanks for putting up with me and cheers to Mike for keeping this place going,I truly figured one day I would be the first person to get banned from here.... ::


(((You freaks))) rolleyes.gif

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Yeah,your right the rabbit is a bit weak,but I think I was effected by the pathetic blubbering of a 35 year old man over the Phish news,really wierded me out.And it was Angel with four faces choice for the picture...gotta give the mama what she wants,ya know,seeing as its back to the Yukon tonight for her.

I was originlly gonna make this post offensive enough that it would be completely deleted by the admin of the board and promptly....

Perhaps for the 5000th..


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I was originlly gonna make this post offensive enough that it would be completely deleted by the admin of the board and promptly....

Perhaps for the 5000th..

hahaha, well, i was watchin that number creep up to 4000 and i was waiting for it.... but that rabbit's alright, man, its cool, i mean, its got a pancake on its head. i was just teasin... ::

seriously, way before i started posting, or posting regularly, lurking around, i always found you had good insight to a lot of things, and i've always liked your straight up approach... its a good laugh when you piss people off... and you've certainly given me some good grateful dead inspiration, and dylan, and helped me out ftp wise....

so cheers to 4000 dude, and here's to 4000 more...

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cheers from a 3200 post newbie ::

perhaps the rabbit should become the new avatar?

(back to crying about Phish breaking up and only being able to see that junkie Trey with his other gang of hoodlums come the end of summer... er, edit: wasn't me calling Esau cryin bout my loss, I just find that story pretty funny... bummer: yes... tears time: no... IMO)

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Yeehaw Esau! ...hey that rhymes!

Thanks for sticking around and sharing your thoughts and fantastic bittorrent links.

I truely only download thing that have been highlighted by people I trust, like yourself and my brother for instance.

Mind you, I'm spending most of my bandwidth and disc space on DVD's as of late.

Keep that number climbing. First one to reach 10,000 posts wins a rabbit with a cheesecake on it's head! GO!

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