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Jake & the Blue Midnights - Mondays


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Anyone interested in catching some good live music on Monday nights in Toronto should check out Jake & the Blue Midnights at the Cameron house. (408 Queen W, just west of Spadina)

I went there the other Monday and was blown away by the great tunes... a hidden Monday night gem (for me anyway). I asked the lead singer how long they had been playing there and found out they've been there every Monday for something like 5 to 10 years. I had heard their name around town many times over the years but had always associated them with swing. Apparently they have switched focus towards being more of a funk/soul/blues band.

Covers they played that night included "Love and Happiness" by Al Green and "Use Me" by Bill Withers. Lead singer has a stunning, soulful voice. They had some awesome horn accompaniment to boot.

Can't remember what other songs they played but I do remember loving it.

Cover that night was pay what you can.

There also is usually a band playing in the back room as well that you can check out for a drink or few if you so desire.


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