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OK, so after some last minute running around to try and get my ass to Coventry I have it figured out.

Does anyone know details on the shows and when the sets will be? I assume it will be the same as past festivals with one set in the afternoon on the 14th and 2 in the evening. Can anyone remind me when the first night shows usually end? I was thinking they usually went from around 8-12.

I have an event in Halifax I can't miss that doesn't end until 5, and then I am flying to Montreal right away and hopping in a car to drive down. I am hoping to miss the majority of traffic and be inside by 10, catching the last set, and being able to see the final show on Sunday. I figure with the early opening of the lots that I shouldn't have trouble getting in late on Saturday.

Anyway, I know there are plans to have an official Conventry website, but if anyone has any insight or opinions please let me know.

How big a deal is the border crossing - will I have a big delay? Usually it is a breeze on the East Coast.


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Last year I think It went past midnight, but I am not positive. I think if you move yo ass you can make it by 9pm or 9:30 though, which should be around set break. You can hustel to Burlington in 2:30 if you make good time and don't get hassled by the border cops.

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Which you will with a Phish fest so close to the border (i.e. Limestone) you WIll be pulled over and searched. your lucky, at the time your crossing there won't be a line so it should go relatively smoothly, as for the rest of us it will take some time.

thank god for two things....VT border cops are kinda cool, they even know who Jerry was. And We are coming from the North so we instanly bypass 10-15 hours of waiting in line.

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