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Our 4 hour, Decade of Phish, Radio Show last night


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What a fun night last night! We had almost 12 callers, probably more than our top three shows combined!

Some callers talking about their favorite shows, others talking about their first shows...Candles was playing Dr. Phil. I was thinking of calling Gregor, for some VIP therapy.


Anyways, here's our setlist:

12.30.99 Gotta Jiboo -- Big Cypress

07.06.00 Moma Dance -- Toronto

11.03.90 Runaway Jim -- Boulder CO

11.03.90 YEM -- Boulder CO

04.16.93 Gumbo -- Louisville KY

05.05.93 Maze -- Albany NY

12.30.93 Forbins > MockBird -- Portland Maine

11.26.94 Slave -- A Live One (Minn, Mn)

07.16.94 Horse > Silent -- Sugarbush Vt

10.31.95 5:15 -- Chicago, IL

11.19.96 Mound -- Kansas, Mo

08.16.96 Fluffhead -- Clifford Ball

12.07.97 Boogie On Reggae Woman -- Dayton Ohio

12.13.97 PYITE -- Albany NY

07.17.98 Divided Sky -- The Gorge

12.05.99 Ginseng Sullivan -- Rochester War Memorial

12.30.99 Antelope -- Big Cypress

12.30.99 Mikes Song -- Big Cypress

07.15.00 Bug -- Colombus Ohio

Hope you guys enjoyed it. I know we did!



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