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RS Trey Article (Bonnaroo info inside....)


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from what i've read, outside of that rolling stone article, is, he wants to purely conduct, not even in the roll he had in TAB.

i hope that is false. I obviously prefer to see him in the TAB setting, tons of brass and other instruments, and him playing guitar.

But from what it sounds like, he's shelving the guitar, and picking up the conductors baton. (that is whats its called isn't it?)

I can only dream about him writing and conducting pieces with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, or the Boston Symphony...

It would really show what he's capable of. Trey is a mad man. But he's also a machine!

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he just quit phish. you dont know whats going through his mind!

if putting the guitar down helps the creative juices flow, i'm all for it.

No offense marcO, but i'd sooner hear some Trey Orchestra Pieces than what is on Round Room. I understand others certainly dont feel the same. But i'm sure there are others like myself who would have no hard feelings if trey decided to conduct for the next couple years.

By the sounds of that article, that would be a dream for him! Maybe not for a majority of his fans, but i dont think he gives a shit, he did just quit phish.

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I got one I can stick there for you.

I'm a little bit afraid of what this means. ;)

Personally, I think Trey is an egomaniac. However, that being said, I can entirely respect and wholely support his desire to evolve. I think that TAB was a great evolutionary step for him and I'll look forward to any more steps he takes...

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A wonder if in ten years when Trey IS in a wedding band begging for the Goldstein Bar mitzvah gig to go through. If he'll be wishing that he was in a great rock band that was loved by legions of adoring fans!!

I'm starting to think that our only course of action is to take over Coventry...if we never leave Phish will never die! Chain Trey to his guitar put a gun to his head, whap him up good on a daily mixture of heroin, blow and acid, play muthafucka play... he won't know where he is, then we'll own him for life. ::

Fuck Head! ::

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I respect his right to want to evolve...

...and mine to miss his guitar playin

what a card... it is pretty ball-sy to stand up against a massive legion of fans and say "but I've always wanted to do THIS" though... I'll give him a few points for that

Yep,I also respect the fact he & the band owe me nothing.

Cheers to the great music.

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"its fun to jump on the venting wagon though"

Its all I can do in the Angry stage (hasnt left yet, thanks to him talking like he is putting down his guitar, fackhead)

Greg is right though, they owe us nothing. They gave what they had to give. I have to respect their decision, even if it, as appears to be, is his. They always said, if one member wants to leave, thats it.

I just liked the idea of being able to see him rip it up with TAB. I love that band too. Its the only thing keeping me going right now. Get that red-haired freak jamming in front of me, and I am as happy as MarcO with a bottle of Dom. Hell, I had already invisioned guest appearances by the other members of Phish at his shows. Something like Page showing up for Piper.

Oh lord, can you imagine........................


I am losing my mind folks.

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