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Rubber Soul & Revolver...Thursday!

Lady wa Fan

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I had the absolute pleasure of seeing the same line up perform the White Album in November and was blown away - much to my surprise! They nailed every song, even Revolution#9! I saw Beatlemania in '83, but this band is by far superior! NO theatrics, just an ensemble of incredibly talented musicians!

BTW - they are rumoured to be doing a repeat performance of the White Album at the Ex this year AND performing Sgt Pepper at Massey Hall complete with full orchestra in the Fall sometime!

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This is a project involving Mike Daley, a top-notch singer/songwriter from the Hamilton area (now T.O.) who used to be the driving force behind The Eggmen, a Beatles-tribute band. Sadly, he left them and took a great deal of professionalism and attention to detail with him. :(

I'd go to this but I'm way too poor.

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Yeh, I saw the warm up show for the White Album in November as well, and it KICKED ASS. I was skeptically too, but it was really fun.

B&Z, I totally understand what you're saying, but the real fun of it is seeing how they pull off some of these really bizarre studio arrangements live. For the White Album, they had like 3 or 4 guitarist, horns, strings and tonnes of singers to pull everything off, and it was really a riot. And you really had the impression these guys were totally into, they weren't just playing like jobbers.

I also noticed on his website that an acquaintance of mine, Greg Wyard, is singing and playing guitar. Greg's a very talented guy, as I'm sure are all the folks involved.

All that said, I'm busy tonight and likely won't go, but for those that do enjoy!


- Mr M.

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