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Trey on the television this evening....


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[color:"purple"]Screw you VD

Hey man, what's the word like in Burlington?

Give us some kind of report, even though it feels like I have a good idea what is going on down there. How are Steve et al looking at this? I know most of those old-schoolers havent seen them in years, but I am interested none the less. Frig, I am an idiot. Tell me one of them ran into Gordo and we can get some Enquirer-type news........

Or, I'll call you instead. I know how slow it can be for you.

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The general scuttlebutt:

(These are other peoples voices)

"They can do what they want."

"I don't know junkies who bring their daughters to basketball games." (from an old friend of Trey)

"Phish has always sucked."

"The people in Coventry, who aren't making money off this thing, are gonna be more pissed off and drunk."

"The states coffers will be happy."

"I'm moving back to Pennsylvania."


My own two cents:

Phish opened my ears to different possibilities.

I think I'll be going to the fest in Albany (VT)


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Guest Low Roller

I'd like to just say that I was scored on in soccer tonight by a guy who looked EXACTLY like Vermontdave, except he has his head shaved. The similarity was so uncanny that I was distracted long enough for the goal to happen. I'm just saying this because I am killing time until Trey comes on my TV.

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sweet, we dont get pbs!!!!

Strange,I get wned (PBS buffalo) here.

wned.org shows that Charlie Rose airs at 1:30pm. Does that mean I missed it? Or do they air the previous day's episode at 1:30? Anyone know? Hopefully it'll be on tomorrow and I didn't miss anything.

Not sure but it appears its only on at 1:30pm for us,no replay later the same day.I went to the same site,just shows Charlie Rose listed and not who the guest are.

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