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Basic info from Trey on TV ... on right now...


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these are all second hand quotes:

"I've never been so sure of anything else in my life" - with respect to this being done forever

"I know there is some anger because we're taking that away, but it was going away anyway"

basically cypress was his highlight, and he's been really tired, and he couldn't do it anymore.

Mike didn't want to stop.

It seemed like Trey and Page were on board with this, Fish- Not much said about him, and Mike wanted to continue.

Hey he said in the past 2 years they've been getting sloppy and not practicing.

He looks like he is about to cry.
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He is set in stone about the decision.

He is happy with the decision and he "has never been so sure about anything in his whole life".

He feels he is the luckiest guy and that Phish had it better than almost all bands - no restrictions, they did it all on their own terms and he want to go out on a high note.

He loves Phish more than anyone in the world.

tonight is only part 1 of a 2 part series with Trey.

this should be interesting.

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There will be a part II - looking back on phish and what trey sees as the greatest moments.

That was hard to watch Trey be so sure of ending this.

what sticks out most to me:

Mike was the one most against stopping, wanted to search for ways to revitalize the band instead of stopping

Trey has never been so sure of anything as he is this is it

Trey doesn't think Phish has done anything as powerful and lucky as Cypress since, and seemed to hint that maybe they should have just stopped after that

Page felt similarly, but wouldn't step up himself in a way about the subject

seems like part 2 later this week may be more uplifting, haha

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Referring to Cypress, coming off-stage, and how it was the pinnacle. He and Fish had tears in there eyes, feeling like it should be over, right then and there:

"It felt like the wave had crashed into the shore."

There ya go Kung............nice analogy earlier.

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Well, I may FINALLY be passed the anger stage now. I was losing it tonight. Trey said many things most of us have thought, and I found it interesting when he talked about people screaming for the 'old' tunes. I couldnt help but think of MarcO and how he wanted them to stick it out with the new material.

What worked for me, was that Mike stuff.............

Here's an analogy for you Kung, a poor one, but an analogy none the less.

I cant help but think of Micheal Jordan, and how he retired. When he came back, and played with the Wizards, that left a really bad taste in my mouth. Had Phish continued, that would have eventually happened, since it was happening to begin with. They felt it, and that is that.

(Damn enough you and that Robbie Robertson comment though!)

Looks like we are on the Farewell Tour.......[color:"purple"]should the venues give them presents every show?

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I seen in the other thread that Charlie Rose airs at 1:30pm in this area.The Trey interview (tonights) was originally scheduled for may 31st and bumped to tonight this afternoon,I imagine because its a two parter.I'm wondering if tomorrows Charlie Rose will be this interview (pt.1).

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I'm not sure how to link it properly but, unsurprsingly, the Rose interview is now circulating.

You can find a link to it here on Pages 39 and 49 of this massive thread.

I haven't watched the whole thing myself, being @ work and all but there ya go. Not even sure if it's the whole thing or not.

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