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What now?


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Following Trey Anastasio's statement on Phish.com that the upcoming


festival would be Phish's last ever shows, there has been a rash of

follow up

statements from various camps in the jamband world.

Sources at Madison House denied that Michael Kang has left String


Incident to front a new band known as Phosh, consisting of Kang,


McConnell and Gordon. "That's ridiculous," said a Madison House


"Anyone who listens to Kang play knows he's never even heard of these



Sources at Phish management denied the rumour that McConnell, Gordon

and Fishman

had asked to audition for the Trey Anastasio Band, rumored to be


supporting a new album in the fall. "Aren't they already IN that

band ? Oh, hang

on a sec.." said a confused spokesperson.

In other news, several bands have cancelled dates scheduled for the

weekend in

August of the Coventry festival . Jimmy D-Dog, lead singer of local


jamband "Hot Diggedy" was saddened that they would have to cancel

their annual

local "420 every hour on the hour" festival. "Everyone who bought


tickets has called for a refund", he said glumly. " They're all going

to Vermont

now. Even Stinky our bass player just bought Coventry tickets".

Rumors of what the other three who aren't Trey are going to do next

abound. Mike

Gordon is rumored to be joining NE legends Max Creek, prompting

existing Creek

bass player John Rider to remark "Oh crap, I knew this day would

come. Its just

a matter of time now." McConnell is rumored to be planning to get

down on his

knees and beg to be allowed into the Trey Anastasio Band, while


apparently is getting ready to launch a "spiffy new line of man

dresses that

play my solo stuff when you stand under running water." This has


confused many Phish fans, who have been asking what this "running

water" stuff


A Phish spokesman said "the other members of Phish will no doubt

continue to

make very successful music with their own bands," though several

people could be

heard giggling in the background.

And of course, the big question is "what's next for Trey?" Varying

rumors have

Trey joining Dave Matthews full time, Trey replacing Dave Matthews in

the Dave

Matthews Band (to be renamed the Trey Matthews Band) while Mr.

Matthews runs off

to Hawaii with Emmylou Harris, and Trey taking 6 months off to smoke

his money.

The BIG rumor involves Trey joining Warren Haynes in a supergroup

called "Trey,

Warren and the Other Guys (does it really matter who?)", called "Trey


Warren" for short, who will be introduced at a concert produced by


Superfly are said to be negotiating to hire Staten Island for a week


festival headlined by the two megasupergiants of the jam. Staten

Island will be

renamed "Wookie Island" for the festival.

In a related story, Phish have now apparently expanded the site of

the upcoming

Coventry festival, to accomodate the expected mass influx of Phans

wanting to

catch a last glimpse of their heroes. the new new site for the

festival is now

apparently "the greater Vermont area".

String Cheese Incident have apparently reversed their booking trend

and are now

once again booking large sheds and ampitheaters for the fall. When

this reporter

called Madison House for comment, there was apparently a party going

on in the

offices, and whoever answered the phone was unhappy that I "wasn't the

noisemakers dude." When asked what effect Phish's permanent

retirement might

have on String Cheese Incident, the answerer just had one

word : "Yeeeehaw!!!".

More news as we have it...

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