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Sound of Music Festival


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So the Sound of Music Festival is coming up in my town of Burlington Ontario. For those that have never been, this is a free event over the weekend of June 17th - 20th, located at Spencer Smith Park, right on lake Ontario. There will be 6 stages this year, although really I think I will only be visiting between 2 or 3 of them myself. A BROAD spectrum of music, vendors, the fair and good food and BEER TENTS!!!! Check the schedule on the website for times and bands/performers. Some of them I have never heard of but checked out their sites and they sound pretty good. I have been going since I was a kid and no doubt this is a fun time to be had!!!


I hope to be able to go on Thursday night and check out Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards and Spirit of the West on saturday...but meh..that's just me. Maybe go see some of the other celtic bands too and I think there are a couple blues artists as well. Some bands from this scene should really try to get on the bill for next year.

Anyways, hope to see some of you come out. Should be a good time and hopefully the weather is good!


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I've been a couple times in the past,usually during the day to wander around,have some beers,people watch,have some food (usually great food to be had) then off to a bar in the evening.Always had a good time there and the location is pretty sweet (IMO).

Good to see theres a nice lineup of Burlington and area musicians returning as usual.

I'd check out:

-Jack de Keyzer,for years I've seen him play and its always a great show.

-Enter The Haggis,a really good band that a friend of mine is back up bagpiper for or used to be anyway,either way worth checking out.

-Kim Mitchell...for free (actually donations are good too)...why not.

A few others I'd be curious to check out but unfortunatley for me I maybe sorta out of commission for most of june.That is still to be decided though.

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