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high school photos


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nice, nice... I got one....

here's me in my high school band STRANGEWAYS gigging at CROCKS n ROLLS in THUNDER BAY.... wearing the red and black CURE shirt playing guitar. Probably grade 11 or 12... Looks like we're covering NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN at the time...


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me circa second day of grade 10... wearing my absolute favourite running shoes of all time (sooooo comfy!), sniff sniff, they were actually STOLEN at a house party while they were still newish! :( i miss them even after all this time.... still have the uniform though ;)


I think I'm in love... I'll definitely be playin' the bass a little harder tonight! ;)

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Catholic school girls rule...

In the class she's taking notes

Just how deep deep is my throat

Mother Mary don't you know

She's got eyes like Marylin Monroe

Catholic school girls rule...

From the cross she's raised her head

This is what the sister said

Give no love until you're wed

Live no life until you're dead

The good books says we must suppress

The good books says we must confess

But who cares what the good books says

Cause now she's taking off her dress

Catholic school girls rule...

Lead us into temptation

We are pure divine creation

Talkin'about my generation

Injected with the seed of emaculation

Catholic !

i went to a catholic skool too...

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