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Gotta love the live music archive!!!


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Shit man!

The GD database just keeps growing over at the Live Music Archive

Being the Dead junkie that I am, it's been great just to browse the shows. Here is one that I came across today - incredible source, and wicked playing!!!

Grateful Dead 5/14/74

Adams Field House Univ. of Montana

Missoula, MT MSR>cassette>DAT>CD-R>TAE>shn

Note: There is a splice in China Doll

Disc 1

1st Set

1. Bertha

2. Me & My Uncle

3. Loser

4. Black Throated Wind

5. Scarlet Begonias>


7. Jack Straw

8. Tennessee Jed

9. Mexicali Blues

10. Deal

11. Big River

12. Brown Eyed Women

Disc 2

1. Playing In The Band

2nd Set

2. US Blues

3. El Paso

4. Row Jimmy

Disc 3

1. WRS Prelude>

2. WRS Part 1>

3. Let It Grow>

4. Dark Star>

5. China //Doll

6. Promised Land

7. NFA>




Have a great afternoon! I know that I will.


and here's your link

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