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Phish email - A Letter From Page


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** MAY 28, 2004 **



Dear friends,

As we wind down the Phish career, it is done with both great joy and

great sadness. The joy comes from remembering the incredibly good

times we've experienced, the successes we've enjoyed, and knowing that

even in our closing we are honoring the band. The sadness is obviously

driven by the fact that something I love will not be a part of my life

anymore. To me, we have been the greatest band in the world and have

had the greatest fans ever.

I still love the music we make but the situation feels different

to me now. I guess in my heart I've known for a while that something

had to change, but it wasn't until this last weekend that my feelings

really began to coalesce. I'm old enough now that I am able to look

to the future without feeling that I need to balance it with my past.

I find it ironic that half of my life has to go by before I am able

to focus solely on the future. As a member of a successful rock band,

it seems that every aspect of my profession encourages me to extend my

youth as long as possible. Don't get me wrong, I like feeling young,

but more importantly I need to be honest with myself.

The pressures and schedule of this work can take its toll personally as

well as creatively. As someone who has recently been through a divorce,

I know how traumatic change can be. But, I also know that if you are

able to let go of things and embrace change there is the potential for

incredible personal (and creative) growth.

If I sound unusually candid in this statement, I am able to do so

because in my mind I've already moved on to the next phase of my life.

This is a feeling I believe I share with Trey. I have a four-year-old

daughter and there is nothing more important to me than being with her.

Come August, I'm not going to have to tell her how many days 'til daddy

comes back from tour. Combine that with my perception that the band's

vitality is not what it once was, and it's easy to see how my mind

quickly begins to move in one direction instead of a hundred directions

all at the same time.

I will miss it incredibly, but I have no regrets. The pride that I feel

for the band, our fans, the organization, and all of our collective

accomplishments is overwhelming. I love you all and know that we wouldn't

be here without you.

Thanks again.


Page McConnell

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