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A Letter from Phil RE: Phish...


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This is a good read...

As of today, I am strangely detached from the reality

of the news. But I want to pass something along for

those who may need it: the ability to feel what I

attempt to describe below in the final sentences of

this writing - if indeed, you are one of the fortunate

and can feel it - will never leave, and will never

become any less vivid.

I have a different perspective than many of you - what

is happening to you today happened to me, in a

different form, in August of 1995, when Jerry died.

The pain subsides, new routines and musical fixes are

found, some family stays with you and some does not -

but I am here to tell you that the detail never

leaves. On most Phish nights, when the lights dimmed,

I always had my eyes closed, and was again watching

Jerry walk out. Those stolen moments were never sad,

but always ecstatic for me. The energy, and the

passion never fade. The love never dims. The lessons

become clearer, and the music even sweeter. You'll

see. In decades to come, the little trick I try to use

below, at the end of this self indulgence, will work

just as well . . .

Regarding Phish: You've gotten what you paid for. And

you got off cheap.

Regardless of how much you paid - to Phish Inc.

directly, to the scene, in your relationships, with

your health or soul - you're in on the bargain of the

century. You bought the stock at .01 a share, and have

sold it at 1,000.00 per. Perhaps you don't know this .

. .

Now, the incidental fringe benefits are not to be

overlooked, nor disrespected: friends, lovers,

spouses, self-knowledge, expanded compassion, honed

capitalist skills, an amazing cd collection, travel,

adversity defeats and victories, maturation, blessed

emotional retarding to the joyous child-like levels,

and of course, lots and lots and lots of really

freakin' amazing music.

But. Allow me to remind you of the Great Intangible.

Of the Priceless Gift that you perhaps weren't even

aware you'd received - of the Holy (in all that that

word evokes for you) Unarticulable: The Magic.

I cannot describe it. I cannot relate it to a

particular show, or to my or your favorite YEM or Tube

or Divided Sky. It is beyond definition, beyond grasp,

beyond description, and beyond value. But not - never

ever ever - beyond perception. Here it is:

It is preceded by that moment, as you wait for the

lights to go down - you know it will be any second

now, and its killing you in the bestest possible way,

as if you were 6 years old at 5am on Christmas Morn -

and the earthly realm and its horribly heavy (and

light) luggage are about to melt away, completely. In

what surely is the most tremendous understatement in

the history of human language, you consciously or

unconsciously feel and think: "All is right. There is

no where in the universe I would rather be right now."

Then, the Great Inarticulable - you can hear it RIGHT

NOW, as loud as if you were in the moment, as real as

its ever been, capable of literally raising the hair

on the back of your neck, and hardening your nipples,

at *this very second*. See if you got what you paid

for all these years, and then some. Right now, quiet

your head for a second, close your eyes, and imagine:

The lights go down. The crowds roars, to the point of

physical and aural immersion, and the energy - The

Magic - fills your very DNA.

Did you hear it? If you're one of the lucky ones, The

Magic resonates so clearly in memory that it is as

real for you at your desk right now that it ever was

in any venue you've visited. And if so, you got so

much more than you ever bargained for. Congratulations

on your fine, fine, unintended purchase. It carries a

lifetime satisfaction guaranteed warranty.



This is from Phil

Here's the catch...hehehehe:

This letter is not from Phil Lesh. It's from my buddy Phil Pierre. He is a

phootball group that I am part of. He sent it yesterday:

Phil Wrote:


Freakin hilarious!

--- Steven Tsounis <stsounis@optonline.net> wrote:



> -----Original Message-----




> This is the greatest day of my life.


> Thank you all for contributing.


> -p!


> --- double_a_ trader

> wrote:

> >

> > Yesterday on livephish.com everybody was whining

> > about it being "over," so i

> > posted what phil wrote (and gave credit to "my

> > friend phil from pittsburgh)

> > asking them to either look at their glass as

> half

> > empy, or half full.

> >

> > I too just received a copy of it in my inbox

> with a

> > mr. phil lesh being

> > given the credit.

> >

> > Sorry phil.

> >

> > ~MaX

> >

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