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Ottawa Lynks Sunday?


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I love Lynx games, even though we left with the bottom of the 9th to come. If they came back from their 6-1 deficit, I am going to lose it on the ladies, but their argument was solid.

"If the Lynx DO come back, the Beer Store will be long closed."

So, cheers to drinking in the sun, seeing Tim Raines Jr get a bunt single, a great at-bat by Geronimo Gil, even though he got out, a fantastic TSN play of the week by second baseman Eddy Garabit, all the while running into a former work-buddy and Peter Daigle.

If anyone comes to Ottawa on a weekend, and wants to enjoy a great afternoon, this is what you want to do. Pay for the cheap seats, and move to the 9th row on first-base side. I'll treat you to the ticket if I am going. God, I hope this team doesnt leave. This is way better than the Show.

(The Lynx are in last place in their division, and I still love going to those games. I wish they had the pitching from years passed, but who really cares? Its such a great day in the sun, in a beautiful park. This team is far worse than the Jays, if you can believe that, yet it still deserves the props I am giving that experience.)

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