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Does Trey read Phantasy boards??


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Check out this wackiness. This post was made on April 19th:

Scar_Phace Posted: 04/19/02 8:23AM ET

I was listening to 2.17.97 on the way to work with my girl yesterday and wilson came on. And as she was listening to the chant at the beginning, she asked if it was about the volleyball that was Tom Hanks's friend in "Cast Away". Then she had me crackin up doing her impression of Tom Hanks yelling at Wilson, and saying that phish should have video screens at their shows so when they play wilson, they can have shots of tom hanks yelling it out..."WILSON!!" ...King of prussia, I lay this hate on you, "WILSON!!" ...etc. Well, I thought it was funny. Maybe you kinda had to be there.

That is some weird, wacky stuff!

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