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Tungsten Gruvsten

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hmmm remind me not to invite showwhore over anymore.....

Note to girlfriend: No, i'm not....

Note to all others-No, i'm not... however, I think if I was I wouldn't post it in all capitals like I was yelling it. I mean if I was and proud of it, sure i'd yell it, but not 'text' yell it. I have lots of queer friends and associates and I have no probs with anyone's choices in life.

Note to Shane-remember that studio gear you wanted? the price just went up....waaaayyy up. Jeez...my girlfriend even made you lunch!! Christ!

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I actually laughed when I read that post, remembering one night in your kitchen a few years back when you leaned over and said:

"Don't mind me, but I act really flamboyant when I'm fucked. "

then I blurted out...

"Are you gay?" (I mean honestly, my mother taught me better than that)

then you said,


Then I wondered... then D. the Piece hit the scene. Whew!

You're as queer as a three-dollar bill my friend, but you certainly aren't gay. hehehehehe

Neenareno [big Grin]

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It's funny you say that...

I actually thought we were under a blue tarp at Racoon Ridge State Park, but then my mind got fuzzy, so I went with your kitchen, which is is a pretty good bet if we're partying at your house.

Who can drink comfortably when they're trying to chip for par over your feet?? Especially if Japanese Panties get thrown into the mix.

But if it was, as you suspect, running into Starlake, all I can remember are the goo balls in the parking lot, a nice piece of new glass, and the guard towers overseeing our parking experience....

What a trip [Razz]

Can't wait until this summer!!!!!!!

[big Grin][big Grin][big Grin][big Grin][big Grin][big Grin][big Grin] :


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