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Im going home Donny

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i hope this is about right - i actually didnt have it as is - but for some reason i only had 2 nametags on my pc - yours and mine - go figure, so i grabbed it from there - hope its the right size etc.

i like your new one too.

i took my down a few weeks ago when i didnt really feel like smiling. i still dont totally feel like it but maybe i'm ready for some sort of image again [smile] - testing

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Why am I up this early?Well I was suppose to be at work but we got a family crisis goin on right now and I'm the guy at the phone.

Think all will be good tho.

Hey 200 posts.....only took about a year,I noticed that I'm memeber 228 and registered on 02.28.02........strange how that worked out.


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