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Hess Jazz? Fest - Flattstreet


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Now I know that many people on here scorn the thought of Flattstreet... No wait, I mean going to Hess. BUT, our superamazing band of dopalicious funkifizers __Flattstreet__ is playing on the main stage this saturday night.

I'm a recommend you come out and see these young, well rehearsed and talented individuals on a large stage with good exposure.


Flattstreet is a 6-piece Funk-Rock ensemble based in the Hamilton area and has lately been amazing audiences with their fresh young sound. A solid rhythm section of bass (Justin Dunlop), drums (Simon Gill) and guitar (Thom Gill), provides the groovy foundation for the hot jazz stylings of trumpeter Peter Golini and the ever-explorational antics of tenor saxophonist Martin Eckart. To top it all off, the young and beautiful Sarah Ruba complements the group with her unique vocal intensity.

Each member of Flattstreet gained their jazz roots by playing in the Hamilton All-Star Jazz band, with which 4 Flattstreet members toured Europe playing at World class Jazz festivals such as Viennes (France), ZMF (Zeltmusikfest - Germany) and the ever popular Montreux (Switzerland) Jazz Festival which hails its roots by having featured such greats as Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles and Sun Ra.

With each member aged around 20, Flattstreet brings a fresh sound to the Hamilton music scene. Having played 'hardcore' gigs at the Underground with bands like the Deviance and Ernie Thompson, Flattstreet has managed to maintain that edge that seems to emanate from the Hamilton scene. Flattstreet throws back the pretentions of playing 'jazz' music and prefers to focus upon playing 'good' music. They play what feels great while keeping the technically demanding yet ethereal aspects of improvisation. Their music remains accessible yet cerebral in the same moment.

Do yourself a favour, and come see what talent the Hamilton scene has to offer and support this emerging young band in the process. If not at Hess, then maybe next time at the Casbah, or in Toronto at the Horseshoe Tavern (July 12th). More info and mp3s can be found at http://www.flattstreet.ca


"Seriously, though, someone had described you guys as "jazz rock" and I shuddered - in my experience too many jazz players have had the feel trained right out of them, and rock needs feel; that or their jazz chops aren't so hot. You guys had neither problem and you're really inventive with your songs & arrangements. Hope to catch you again." -James Hayashi-Tennant, Program Director 93.3 CFMU


Upcoming Shows:

Saturday July 10th @ Hess Village Jazz Fest ~9pm

Monday July 12th @ Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto) ~10pm

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right ons, glad to hear there'll be some jazz at this year's jazz fest! it'd become a little infamous for booking local non-jazzy bands

see ya there for sure... very lookin forward to it in fact... be headin over to the Stephen Franke/Jesus Hendrix show afterwards

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