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Roll Call: Smoothies @ 33 Hess


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Ya thanks to everyone who showed up, For those of you that don't know Frank (the smoothies singer) is on vacation in Thailand for a month, so our good friend Remo is filling in for him (and he did a good job for his first gig with us, considering he had to try to learn 35 songs in a few days). I did get a chance to sneak over to Ivory's and it was well worth it........Don't worry the nice weather is coming, Hess will soon be a zoo again........ [big Grin]

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It's not that you've got to get the bands to play for free, it's that you've got to get the bar to voer the cost of the band from liquor profits. [Wink]

I was happy to be able to stop by and support things after all. You know I love supporting the scene, it's just hard when musical preferences lead me elsewhere and financial restraints reinforce it. Did it get busier later on?

Incidentally, the Smoothies sounded great and Griffith and the boys were tearing it up!

That honey that I was chillin' with was my good friend Alison. I introduced you didn't I? If I didn't, I apologize. She's a super cool person to chill out with: We had a great night.

Love and peace to all!

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