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The shave yer heady head thread


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'Gator and I are supposed to shave our heads... We have an "understanding"... I'll do it, but I'm keeping the beard regardless... Something like this:


I think it'd be worth it just to see 'gator bald. And, Velvet, LMP has said she'd go in on it as well. More of a "Chelsea" haircut, but mostly bald.

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but i've been growing it out for months velvet. plus, i'd like to meet a heady man and i don't think the shaved head helps that matter... might help with meeting heady sisters, i guess...

but if ya haven't before, shave it off then go swimming. excellent.

then sit on the edge of the lake/river/ocean and feel the breeze evaporate the water off of your scalp. über-heady.

absolutely worth the months of freaky styles you have to go through to return to the world of the hairy.

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Nothing sexier than a lady with a shaved head. Wowee.

Ms. Freak, your hair is getting long enough that it's starting to look nice, but you were never more beautiful than when you were bald.

I was spending some time motorcycling around Taiwan once, staying at monestaries along the way. One rainy afternoon I pointed my bike towards a monestary marked on my map. Down a loooong road and up up up the mountain I go, as the day gets darker and rainier. If this place won't take me in I'll have to try to find a hotel or a place to pitch my tent, and neither option appeals to me greatly. Finally I see the beautiful architecture looming out of the mist and I see dozens of monks going about their business, except their robes are grey instead of the standard orange or red. As I get closer I realise this is no monestary, it's a convent! Dozens of fantastic bald ladies all holed up in this castle together, and with the usual communal baths, I'm sure! My heart racing, I inquire as to who ran the joint, and I was directed to an older woman (also bald) sitting in a chair. Ladies and gentleman, I can't tell you how earnestly I pleaded with this woman (using sign language and a bit of Chinese)! I stated and restated my case, explaining my predicament pointing to the darkening sky (which she may equally have interpreted as me calling upon my gods), but alas, she obviously saw my virility as a potential time bomb if mixed with her peaceful, shy, bashful, giggling and pointing, gorgous brood. And down the mountain I coasted with only a heavy heart and the dissapating wisp of a dream still in my soul. I don't remember where I slept that night, but I bet I didn't sleep soundly.

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Chelsea = A mediocre English Premier League football team.

I once had long hair.... In highschool I believe. I cut it off because I felt sort of vain keeping care of it all the time. I think it made me self conscious.

When I had no hair for about three or four years I felt somewhat liberated by how little work it took to look "normal". Then I realised that a shaved head on a young white man can be imposing...

Now I've got my blond fury back and forever on my crown it will rest... Nazarene I will remain...

until a drug test...

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