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Lisa it's your Birthday - Happy Birthday Lisa


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Okay....so it's officially April 12th, and officially my 26th birthday! LOOK OUT!!!!! [big Grin]

Tonight the tiger is tame - only a couple of beers and shooters under my belt - but Saturday (technically today- i guess) - I'll be doin it up at the Bacchus.......YAHOO!

26, eh? I have certainly experienced so much in these 26 years.....sometimes I just shake my head at the shit I've seen and done!

I just found a b-day card my brother (scottieking) gave to me a couple of years ago,

" A birthday is the start of another 365-day journey around the sun -- enjoy the ride"

I plan to enjoy it to the fullest!

Cheers to all! Have a drink for me and keep on lovin life guys!

Cheers! [Wink]

Lisa it's your birthday - Happy birthday Lisa!

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Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Guys!

My head's a little fuzzy, but I managed to remain standing all night long! Thank god I had Scottie there to help drink the generous amount of drinks that came my way! Whoa, I think in my old age I've learned to "pace" myself!!! [Wink]

Hiway Freeker was great, and my birthday salute from them was "Highway to Hell".....how appropriate!!!! What a great night! [big Grin]

Cheers to all.....I think I'm going to crawl into bed and rest my head! [Eek!]

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