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the classified thread


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whachu got/want people? post it here!

for sale: (1) FLOOR TICKET!!! The Curiosa Festival featuring The Cure with Interpol, The Rapture, Mogwai, Muse, Auf der Maur, The Cooper Temple Clause and Head Automatica. monday, august 9th, molson amphitheatre. $100

looking for:

- N64 w/2 controllers & tetris (or any of these pieces separately)

- oldskool sweet valley high books

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I posted this earlier, here goes again:

After looking at my PS/2 sit and do nothing for about a year, I've decided to sell it. I'm hoping to get rid of the whole package in one deal. Any reasonable offer will be considered. It works great, no problems at all. Here's what I have:

1 Sony PS/2 (+ all wires, etc.)

1 PS/2 Remote Control

1 PS/2 DVD Remote Control (w/ booklet)

1 PS/2 Memory Card

1 PS Memory Card

1 PS/2 "Dark Cloud" Game

1 PS/2 "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec" Game

1 PS/2 "Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy" Game

1 PS/2 "Jak 2" Game

1 PS/2 "Maximo" Game

1 PS/2 "Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder" Game

1 PS "The Simpsons Wrestling" Game

(All games have their manuals)

So that's it. PM me or e-mail me at phishhead420@hotmail.com if you're interested. Thanks

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* Lisa moved out and took the soul of this apartment with her. I'm severly lacking in dishes, chairs, plants, lamps and general filler material of all kinds. If anyone has got anything to help me get rid of the echo my house now has, let me know!

c-towns, all I got left is a heady foosball table!!

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wow cyberhippie, really? whereabouts on queen? i'm gonna be in t-dizzle the 26th-27th, i should pop by & see if it's still there! thanks for the tip.

freeker: i own an absolutely alarming amount of crap... if you are in kitchener anytime over the next while, you are welcome to take a walk thru & take what you need! dishes, apt. items galore! heck, i should really have a yard sale.

groove fetish, can i just say WOW, THANK YOU & YES, PLEASE!!!!! i love going through old boxes of stuff, it's like time capsules of fun all over! and old girlie items is just that much more vunderbar. i'll check my collection & see what volumes are missing & bring a list. perhaps in the spirit of things we can throw back some of the girliest of drinks! maybe make up a jessica & elizabeth wakefield special. hahaha. thanks so much!

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wow cyberhippie, really? whereabouts on queen? i'm gonna be in t-dizzle the 26th-27th, i should pop by & see if it's still there! thanks for the tip.

It's just west of Bathurst on the north side. A couple of doors down from Rotate This. I'm usually down there once a week, so I can keep an eye on it for ya. I'm pretty sure they also have used controllers, and maybe even a tetris game.

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temporary HELP WANTED

i need to hire a field assistant for next week. tentatively leaving monday morning from peterborough, returning the following monday. 1 day drive up to cochrane ON, followed by early mornings and long days walking around the bush and logging roads (ie must own a bug jacket), then another long drive back to peterborough. food is covered on field days, and hourly wage applies for drive as well as working hours. not sure of the wage my guess is 8.50/hr. no experience necessary, i'm just not allowed to work alone. preference will be given to those with a drivers licence, a heady tape collection, and to slow runners (in case we encounter feisty bears). i'm not sure that it will take the entire week, it totally depends on how things go once we get there so flexibility is a bonus.... anyone seriously interested please message me asap.

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