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Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon!!!


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Happy Birthday Kevin,

I actually saw the Bacon Brothers perform for free at the Planet Hollywood on Front Street in Toronto a few years ago. It was funny seeing Kevin on stage. I even bought the Bacon Brothers "Forosoco" album then, though it's been a while since I put it on.

Kevin is a great actor, I especially love him in Murder In The First, Apollo 13, JFK, A Few Good Men, and especially in Friday the 13th and Tremors.

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oh kevy... you dreamboat you! big huge happy birthday to the 2nd best pork product around. thank you for busting out the footloose moves at your concert... thank you for having such a great sense of humour, enough that you actually closed your show off with that wonderful footloose song... thank you for being such a great actor, and gifting the world with solid gold performances like that of ren... it was you who made footloose one of the most memorable 80's dance movies EVER! thank you for letting girls come right up to the stage so i could be close to you, and thank looking right into my eyes (especially more than once!). that was so exciting. thank you most of all, for making "MISSION: BACON" a smashing success by seeing & laughing at the beautiful kevin bacon headshot tees misspink & i wore to the show. oh, and thank you for giving me something to fight forever more about with number 2 (don't worry kevy, we all know YOU are the one that is straight!)



i love my pork!

yah....me too-ooo. :: :o

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