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David Bowie Has Emergency Heart Surgery


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(AP, 07/08/2004 10:16 PM)

By The Associated Press

Musician David Bowie underwent an emergency angioplasty to open blocked heart artery in Germany and is recuperating, his spokesman said Friday.

Doctors discovered the blockage after the 57-year-old Bowie sough treatment after performing in the German town of Scheesel on June 25, according to the spokesman, Julian Stockton.

A pinched nerve was initially cited as the cause of shoulder pain that forced Bowie to shorten a June 23 performance in Prague and eventually to cancel the remainder of a European tour.

Stockton did not specify the date of the procedure but said it was after the June 25 show. Bowie left the clinic in Hamburg, Germany early this week and is now with his family in New York.

Stockton quoted Bowie as saying, "Can't wait to be fully recovered and get bact to work again. I tell you what, though, I won't be writing a song about this one."

The British Bowie, who was born David Jones, gained stardom with his grounbreaking 1972 album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust," following it up with albums including "Young Americans" a few years later and "Let's Dance" in 1983, another huge seller. His latest album "Reality" was the centerpiece of his tour.

He is married to the supermodel Iman.

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I sent a prayer out to him tonight.

I hope this doesn't sound too selfish secondtube but I hope to see him perform again like we saw him at the John Labbatt Centre a couple of months ago. How great was that gig?

It was my third time seeing the Thin White Duke and it was the best of the bunch. I love how all these old artists are still pulling off great concerts and they're all nearing their sixties or already are there. Rock gods like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Bowie too.

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