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funnest thing ever read this!!!!!!!!


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"1 boobie shot"

oh do tell...

Being a gentleman,I didn't keep the young lady to it and accepted a hug instead.

My first and only time at a karaoke,what a mess.....at least we had the biggest crowd watching our drunk asses slurring away. ::

Also,I don't think everyone paid up either...Shainhouse & I still have some beers & shots coming to us.

Man,its been along time since I had such a good time out with friends.I'm so glad I made it out and it was so good to see you again Mr.Sobchak,seriously,that was a real fun night.

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now that i have my fine motor skills back. you should've scene me at biguys last night around 4am, both of us trying it type in that post, so fu©king funny.

that was such a fun night, the candle in the wind was fu©king great.

paisley and the ladies also got on the mic for alittle casy jones to close the night out.

thanks for making that such a memorable night KC, biguy, easu, shainhouse, paisley, steveo, little T

i also now have for sale 1 black button down hat, passed owner the ledgendary Brian Carson from Kick It Down. the bidding will start at 1 shot of jag

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