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Acousticats (Fat Cats) Tonight in Dundas, ON


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Yup. It's true. The good 'ol boys will be jamming acoustics and sippin' in pints tonight (July 9) at the Winchester Arms in Dundas. So make sure you stop in for a couple and have a listen.

Special guests include Heratio Humpfrey and his Spinning Circus of Marbles, Neil Diamond and Franz Xaver Gruber on pan flute. Grown men will weep.

There is also a chance (and this is a slight one) to see Dave Hill Perform wearing nothing but a top hat.

See you at the show.


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Makes it even better, nice call Kenny!

Tim - I'm not really sure what we're doing tonight. Laurie and I are both pretty beat and we have a gardening job to do tomorrow morning. But yeah, we'll keep your better (and prettier) half informed. Also, don't forget, the Winchester closes at 1am.

Actually, if you're taking Laurie out tomorrow, maybe I'll ask Rachael out on a date. She's real cute! heh heh....

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The Clapton show ended so early that I actually mad it to Dundas to see the Acousticats play their last (mini) set. It consisted of "Midnight Special," "Willie And The Hand Jive" (which was cool because it's a song on Clapton's classic "461 Ocean Blvd" and I just saw EC do "I Shot The Sheriff" off the same album), "Bertha," and "To Lay Me Down."

Those Fat Cats are great guys and it's always a nice way to end an night by hearing them do an acoustic set.

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