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i like to burn things woooooahhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhh yeaaaahhhh

speaking of which, there's a free spades show today at 8:30 at the liftlocks for those of you in the peterpatch.

ceterapod1 has been pining to return to fair lindsay, maybe a trip is in order. i got some stuff i could probably burn too. i'll give you a shout if i'm gonna be headin over.

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fires still raging, just threw on a couple skids!

and just listened to live at the lanc nice shout out to mark tonin at the end. coincidence?!? he's the one who mailed me the cd some 8 or 10 months ago.. thanks again mark and happy birthday. you're on your trip and you are the man!

jonyak, all i can think of now is festival of lights on saturday. i think natalie mcmaster is playing next weekend. heeeehaw.

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