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directions to the lanc?


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coming from london way.. and when it comes to me and directions, there is no such thing as "too much detail"... pretty much anyone who's driven with me (zip it!!) can attest that my inner compass is a little off. or it could be cuz i'm daydreaming 88% of the time, whatevs. ::

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take 401 east to kitchener

get off at the hwy 8 cutoff (NOTE: there will be 2 cutoffs that say hwy 8. you want the SECOND one. i think the first one says homer watson, you don't want that)

drive along for awhile, you'll pass the silvercity movieplex and pioneer sportsworld (both are on the right). stay to the right

this will eventually turn into the expressway -- you have the option of going straight (that will say king street or downtown), but you want to veer to the right. i think it says 7/8 west.

this will bring you onto highway 8. you'll drive into kitchener & pass a mall on your left, & eventually on the right, a big ugly pink & turquoise martin's furniture & a zehrs.

the highway will split shortly after the zehrs -- go RIGHT

take the Victoria/Frederick cutoff (it is the second exit. the first exit is almost right away, that's ottawa street. you curve around & drive a bit more, then you take the victoria/frederick exit.)

the street you come out on is bruce street, and there are lights there (there's a strip mall with a burger king & short stop facing you). go LEFT at the lights.

you'll hit victoria street then, go LEFT at these lights.

drive along victoria past weston's bread, which will be on the right, (there's lights there), and down a few more blocks. the next lights are lancaster street. there is another short stop & a beaver gas station on the corner(they will be on your right). turn RIGHT onto lancaster.

drive down maybe 5 minutes or so, the lanc is on the right & it has a big boat hanging out front.

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