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Tonin Bash: An Analysis *DELETED*


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I just got home from the Tonin birthday doo, and had to put down my thoughts before I go nighty-night (I pre-apologize for spelling before I start) ...

I wish I didn't have to leave so early, but Dee wanted to come home and have wild sex (actually she was just tired, and wanted a sandwich).

I just have to sum-up the way I feel in one word..

"super-duper-fantatically-stupendious maximus-holy-camoly-doo-doo-doo-grrrrreat!-orgasmygoodness-I'm here for a good time, AND a long time-Baroooooogah-... (be right back... gotta pee) ........ happy-happy-joy-joy-darn-tootn-skatzfazerakn'-edenifically-all around copasetic"

I just feel really good!

I know I don't know you extremely well Marv (I mean Mark), but I hope you enjoyed your doo. You obviously have alot of people that care about you, and I was honoured to be there... and anything I have been to that has your name involved seems to be funner than a barrel of monkeys (the good kind).

It was nice meeting those of you that I never met before, and re-meeting many of you that I met under different mental circumstances (Under certain conditions, I have the memory of a Luffa Sponge) (I know I spelled Luffa wrong).

I thought I had to wait until the next Come-Together for this great feeling of commraderlove to happen again, but it was there tonight!

I thank you all for that, I had a fantastic time dancing, and I look forward to the next time where we can shake our asses and share our energy again (I thank you all for that, I had a fantastic time dancing, and I look forward to the next time where we can shake our asses and share our energy again).

Well, I am going to sleep now.. (Actually, I am going to bed and playing with myself until...

a) I orgasm

B) I fall asleep

c) Dee turns over and says "I thought I told you none of that until I am asleep"

d) My hand falls asleep

e) I have to get up for work on Monday

f) All of the above

g) None of the above

h) Both A and C

i) Both D and F

j) A and B, but not G

k) M (if there was an M)

P.S. (Brackets Rock).

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what a night!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MARK TONIN FOR AN AWESOME NIGHT OF MUSIC!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA AND HERE'S TO MANY MANY MORE. Thanks to Diesel Dog for providing a wicked soundtrack to the party. And special thanks to Tom Selleck and the other hillbilly that wrassled each other on the back patio just to impress Esau, Paisley and myself!

great night paying tribute to the godfather of givin'r

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Dancin' Man, Crashn'burn and myself were sitting around last night lamenting the fact we were unable to attend. We all agreed we were probably missing some happening dance moves ala Tonin, and, no doubt non stop, on account of his birthday status. Hope you had a great one Mark--we were there in spirit--and hopefully someone caught some magick on film. Bring on the pics!!!

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Wooooo Hoooooo....that was great.....dancin with Mark Tonin!!!I love dancing with you Mark!!

What a cake(ooooh those tastey bass strings)Mmmmmm...thanks for the after party Marie,and what a yard....chamomile instead of grass(Islept like a baby last night!!)

Super Freak....everyone was askin bout you guys....You were there in spirit!!

I really needed that kind of night.....thanks

P.S.Happy Birthday Mark

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That... was... AWESOME!

I cannot imagine circumstances under which I could have had more fun! Thanks for having such a great party Mark and bringing me back together with so many of the people that I love. Thanks Deisel Dog for helping me lose 5 pounds from dancing. Thanks to the Lancaster for being such a bizarre place that we can have so much fun at. Thank you Marie for being so absolutely amazing. (Oh, and thanks for hosting the after-party too!) ;)

I miss all of you already. Can you all please move to Hamilton so we can find a place to all live together? Pretty please? With sugar? With candy bass strings?

Did anyone catch that opening band? They were GREAT!

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YES YES YES!! What a fun night indeed. Thank you Mark Tonin for being you - cause it means that good people and good times surround ::

So nice to see so many familiar smiling faces. Harvard Mouse rocked socks and Diesel Dog had me howlin' at the moon. Ike (and everyone) thanks for the Chico!

Marie, GREAT afterparty....perfect setting. See you and the gang in about thirty minutes for our day trip out to cliffs. here's to getting spacey :D

Pete and Tasha, those vapour things put me in completely different state. It made me feel all loopy and like I'd drank 15 beers in a 1 minute and 23 seconds. Thanks!

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Willy!!I'll live in your commune....as long as you keep the candy bass strings comin(and the love)

We caught the last couple tunes of the opener....Sweet Sounds....I Know you Rider(the first song that I sang out loud and Played guitar in public!!)gonna miss me when I'm gone......

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hey everybody- this is vixen again ( i know, i know, just get my ass in gear and get another password...!)

That was a magical night indeed - had a blast boogying (sp?) to teh bands! Mark looked as if he had a blast...glad to know everybody enjoyed the mark tonin parafinalia ( we sure enjoyed making it! our day was dedicated to it!) Willy- that pic of Mark is priceless! good times..great to see eveybody and meet some new faces...i'm falling in love with all of you! i would definately move into the commune in Hamilton if there were bass guitar candy there...even better, if there was a whole penny candy section permanently in our house! ( Mmmm... candy)

Vixen ::

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Wow...that was a great night!!! I'd loved every second of every moment!! and you're all welcome for the after party.....I'm glad that everything all worked out...and that I got to hang out with my most favourite of all favourite people in the entire whole freakin' bullshit bologne world!!!!! heehee....good memories guys..can't wait to see everyone again!!

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omg the vapourizer!! it knocked me on my ass, literally!

thanks tash & peter! and the mr. T toy was the best... quit yo' jibba jabba!

an excellent night indeed! thanks mark for being so awesome that when it came time for your birthday party everyone was SO goddamn stoked and ready to let loose!! i had a great time, finally got to check out harvard mouse (fun!!) and the lanc! i hope you had at least as much fun as everyone else ;)

thanks marie for the post-bar venue, and your fine little couch was a perfect place to crash... and what a pretty yard! waking up i felt like i was walking out into a meadow... except esau and del were sitting in the meadow drinking.. hahahaha..

st kitts boys #2 and mike/zephyr, good times at jimmys lunch and i hope you found some nice water to chill by afterwards. ::

and thanks to everybody else for making it another fantastic time, palace principeza it was great having a chance to talk nonsense with you after the car key fiasco was resolved ;) can't wait to do it again.. and i do believe there's a union of two special skancs this weekend! thanks people i love y'all. XO

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...and i do believe there's a union of two special skancs this weekend!

Well, don't keep us all in suspense: Who is it?!

mud & blair/the mudcocks/babsy mudcock... two people who i feel *most* priveleged to call my friends, and who i love THIS MUCH!!! :: :: ::

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