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Mark Tonin's B-Day Bash


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Wow! What a great night. Cheers to Mark, had an amazing time. Harvard Mouse and Diesel Dog - CAME TO PLAY!!! Great sets, cheers for the music. Simone, Marie, Meghan - what a delightful cake for Mark. Schwa, et al - nice t's.

Looking for to see you all soon. ;)

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awesome times indeed... a great celebration

everyone's covered most of the high points but I'll add that meeting the equally energetic Mrs. Tonin was a bonus, my first Harvard Mouse show was great, good straight forward laid back jams without pretension and the Lancaster itself was an interesting fun venue (besides Harvard Mouse ended up having a suprise 2 awesome nights of Diesel Dog with a solid Fat Cats show to boot and an impromto camping venture, sooooo good... thanks for that CD Doug, great show, great recording)

extra special thanks to Zephyr and Number 2 for catering me around the land and for the excellent company, you guys rock

cheers to the hearty crowd who showed up ready to get right down... both outdoor lawn parties were great fun, big thanks to the hosts for the exceptional hospitality

good good times

(ps. - that pic of Mark blowing out the candles in other thread is priceless \/\/illy! nice shootin!)

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