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Pure Jerry


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I heard some of it, and as you can imagine, it's awesome. If you've heard "Don't Let Go", the other 1976 Garcia Band release, you'll have an idea of what's in store here. Honestly, nevermind "how is it?" - you just know it will, by definition, be incredible!

I think this series is a great idea, and long overdue. It's a major side of Jerry's musical personality, to hear the songs he wanted to sing because he loved them so much, but moreso just to hear Jerry stretch out beyond the psychedelic-space-freak of the GD. He once said that the Dead's work inspired "dissonance" whereas his solo band stuff was "consonance" - meaning closer to how he heard himself and as an expression of his personality.

I haven't picked up this set yet but I have heard it, and I would recommend it for sure! Like i said, you just can't go wrong!

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Right on,if I do wonder "How is it?" I'll know not to ask.

I was more wondering if anyone had heard it or had it,since I hadn't heard of this being out yet or anyone talking about it,so I asked.As mentioned I listened to disc three last night but was way too tired to stick around for the other two discs.

I do have the same show on cassette (well 3/4 of it I see)

I hope they release some Legions of mary someday

I agree BK some Legion would kick ass or even a nice crisp '65 Warlock's release.

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