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Los Lobos Heads To Frisco For Live DVD


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While on the road supporting its latest Hollywood/Mammoth studio album, "The Ride," Los Lobos is planning on taping its first DVD, slated for a Christmas 2004 release.

"We are doing two nights at the end of this month at the Fillmore [in San Francisco]." Los Lobos guitarist/singer Louie Perez tells Billboard.com "It is not going to be like 'The Ride' DVD. It is going to be a Los Lobos live show. Of course, there will probably be half a dozen new songs. During our set, which is two hours-plus, we visit just about every record we've ever done and then we throw in the goofy, obscure cover every now and then."

Qualifying for such a selection is a Bob Marley track or the Who's "My Generation," which Perez says unites Los Lobos' multi-generational audience. Considering its more than a dozen guests -- including Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and Richard Thompson -- appear on "The Ride," surprise guest appearances during the Fillmore shows seem like a no-brainer.

"I think so," says Perez. "It depends, Richard [Thompson] actually spends a lot of time in Southern California. And if he is around, then possibly he may come up. I'm not sure. It is just kind of getting put together so we'll start looking around to see who is available as far as guests. And it doesn't necessarily have to be 'The Ride' guests. It could be somebody else."

Perez says Los Lobos will be touring through November, including an October jaunt to Japan, before the group "hangs up the 'Gone Fishin' sign" for the year. As for the next studio album, Perez hints he may try to regroup the band after the first of the year, which is also around the time the guitarists side project, the Latin Playboys, plan on recording a live album for a fall 2005 release.

As previously reported, Los Lobos will on Aug. 3 issue the "Ride This -- The Covers EP," featuring its rendition of songs by such "The Ride" guests as Costello, Waits, Thompson and Bobby Womack.

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I almost forgot to mention as I'm going to another show but,



SAT JUL 17, 2004

I have no other information about the gig, and if I wasn't going to be seeing Former Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers members Chris Hillman and Bernie Leadon, then I would definitely be at this gig.

I saw Los Lobos for the third time this year at bonnaroo and the band hasn't lost a step and are still absolutely amazing live.

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