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Toronto BLuesfest cancelled


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By JAM! Music

The Toronto Bluesfest, which was set to feature such artists as Lyle Lovett, Wyclef, Chris Isaak, Wilson Pickett, The Tea Party and OutKast's Big Boi, has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

The organizers, who claimed to be faced with huge potential losses, made the decision to pull the festival, which was set to kick off this weekend at Exhibition Place.

"My heart goes out to all the bands, sponsers, volunteers, staff and fans who supported last year's event and were on board for this year." says executive director Mark Monahan.

Full refunds will be given to ticketholders at the point of purchase.

I am so bummed out! I was more looking forward to seeing Chris Hillman and Bernie Leadon for the first time more than anything else this summer.

Now I guess if I'm going to see these guys I'll be heading up to the Ottawa Bluesfest this weekend. I don't think I can miss this gig so I think I'll be going up to our nations capital this weekend.

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i would have paid full price to see Al Kooper. But being the wishy-washy procastinator that I am I wouldn't have bought a pass/ticket until the day of, which seems to be the way alot of people do it when it come to alot of shows and that makes it hard on promoters who need advanced sales to help cover costs.

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As much as I would LOVE to come party in Ottawa again, I've seen Xavier Rudd, and I don't quite have the cash to make it to Ottawa right now... Do yourself a favour and check him out though, he puts on a good show...

I know, I saw him at moe.down 4, bought his "Live At The Grid, B.C. Canada" disc, and dig his stuff immensely.



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I don't know what to chock all of these cancellations up to. The best theory I've heard is that big ticket tours like Prince and Madonna (add to that the Pixies in the fall) are sopping up the bulk of people's disposable income. Certainly in our community you could add Coventry to that list. All of us know we've had to pick and choose this summer and definitely for me Prince and the Pixies took a chunk. My blood is boiling right now by the way. I am almost feeling a kung-sized amount of rage....

My main reason for being upset is the (potential?) cancellation of Kyle Riabko in particular his late night Silver Dollar show that would have slayed and undoubtedly featured guests. fu©k fu©k fu©k fu©k. Seriously I want to see this kid at least once more in a club before it's opening stints for the John Mayer's of the world at the ACC's of the world.

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