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It goes well! French camp can get a little annoying at times but of course I`m making the most of it. I`ve got class in the morning and then workshops in the afternoon (my workshops are 'newspaper' and 'environment'). Actually yesterday this dude Richard and I interviewed a local rock-reggae-hiphop band called Val Salva, for the student newspaper. We met up with them at 5:30pm and what I thought would be a quick 20 min interview turned into a 2.5 hour boozefest! Paid for by Val Salva!! I think I understood about 65% of what they said.

I`m here til the end of July. I`ll be back in Ptbo for a good 5-7 days or so before hitting the road Eastbound with Allison, for a month! Got any big plans for August?

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