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Roll Call: Diesel Dog + Caution Jam : Saturday

Jay Funk Dawg

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Jam Double Bill


Caution Jam - www.cautionjam.com

Diesel Dog - www.dieseldog.ca

Caution Jam


Diesel Dog


Saturday, July 17th

El Mocambo

Spadina & College

Doors open at 9:30

Show starts at 10:30

cheep parking next door on College


It's going to be a real good time... c'mon down and dance with reckless abandon!

SEE YOU THERE! :) :)!!

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I'd wish I could make it but I have a BBQ to attend and I always become a little frustrated when Diesel Dog aren't the closing band!

Seriously? Diesel Dog is opening? Fer fu©k. Haven't seen those boys in 8 months, I was stoked... I thought they were going to flip a coin or something?

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Sorry for pushing this one so hard folks...:)

I spent the week performing at the Halifax Jazz Festival... I haven't been online for a couple of days... good times though.. My group High Plains Drifter performed with Manitoba at the Marquee Club, there were about 600 people and we were tight as nails. It turned into a pretty wild night. I partied all night, flew back in this morning and got some rest to giv'er tonight with the Diesel Jam and Caution Dog.

hope to see you guys there.

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