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Party Faux Pas


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From SPIN Magazine:

Navarro loses grotto pass

Before he started picking out china patterns with Carmen Electra, Jane's Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers sideman Dave Navarro was the quintessential superfreak. In his autobiography, Don't Try This at Home: A Year in the Life of Dave Navarro, the guitarist and three female companions visit the Playboy Mansion's "orgy room." As the women have sex, Navarro shoots up heroin, then tries to write on the wall with blood squirted from his syringe. "I cleaned it off," Navarro wrote, saying he "felt weird" about defiling Hef's crib. Nonetheless, he was quickly bounced (and banned) from the mansion.

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I made a big party faux pas once - about eight years ago at a party at Cyberhippie's place. His kitchen was flooded with water; I was wearing shoes. I girl who wasn't wearing shoes asked me to get her a glas of water, and gave specific instructions as to where the glass she had previously used was (right by the chia-head next to the sink). I was on a lot of mushrooms, and had consumed about half a bottle of red wine - so I retrieved the glass, let the water run so that it got cold, determined that I would bring this lovely lady the best damn glass of water she ever had. I brought it back, looked expectantly at her, and she then pointed out to me that the entire rim of the glass was shattered and jagged.


Good thing she wasn't as messed up as me.

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awww hamie! It's the thought that counts, right?!?! ;)

I was right smashed at a McDonald's convention back in '95-ish...was on-stage with (who I though at the time was the real) Rod Stewart (dancing my arse off! ). I was tossed a beach ball and thought it would be fun to hammer it out to the audience. well...I hit the president of McShitYourselfWithinAnHourOfEatingThisCrap (although good when you're constipated) right square in the head. yikes... He found me later that night, holding onto the wall for dear life, and said, "Nice shot."

side-note: I also thought the madonna was real, but I had a bottle of red in my left hand and a bottle of white in my right hand (after too-many-to-count gin&7's)


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