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Bad News For Dogs In Greece


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I read this on Jim Rome's website from today's radio show:


More bad news for the Greek Olympics. In order to present their city as ‘pristine’ for the upcoming games, the Greeks are planning on poisoning as many as 15,000 stray dogs before the games. Authorities in Athens fear packs of roaming stray dogs would hurt the country’s attempt to show that it is a modern civilized city. Uh, yeah, maybe. I would think the sight of feral dogs roaming the streets isn’t exactly the picture of a modern town. This isn’t the middle ages. Most civilized towns figure out how to control the dog population about 400 years ago.

If they really wanted to show a modern and civilized city, how about, I don’t know, having a modern and civilized city. That might be a better way to go about it. Some fear that the poisonings have already started in one costal resort, where some British athletes are staying, 80 dogs have been found dead. Ah, the Olympics. The terrorism, the lack of security, the unfinished venues, the dead dogs lining the streets. What says stronger, higher and faster, than a pile of poisoned dogs? A modern and civilized city than is over run with stray dogs. Nice work IOC, excellent choice of host city. Maybe you can go to Kabul for the games next.

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Guest Low Roller

I think they are missing on an excellent opportunity by simply poisoning the dogs and not exporting the dogs to Korea and China for mass consumption.

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