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Blair and Mud are getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!!


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In case any of you were unaware, Babsy Mudcock and Mudsy Babsybox are tying the knot this saturday (Blair and Christie (Mudd))

These are two of the most genuinely cool people i have ever had the pleasure of being friends with and want to spread the joy that i know they are feeling this weekend.

So Congrats Blair and Mud, i'll be the one in the seats at your wedding with the smile so big it'll blind yas! :: ::

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best wedding ever indeed!!!!

amazing location (the beach!!!!)

most beautiful bride to ever grace an aisle (even had TWO of the most gorgeous dresses ever made)

most loving, romantic ceremony imaginable

bride & groom backed by the ultimate wedding party, and two extremely loving & supportive families -- funniest & most touching speeches ever!

cutest ring bearers (benson & caruso)

guest list comprised of some of the most fun people on earth

most superfun of superfunnest parties EVER (i think the last guests trickled out around noon or so the following day)

team tonin lettin' loose on the dance floor (another incredibly inspiring mr. & mrs!)... actually, that dance floor was a-ragin' ALL night long & spread itself right onto the beach

great people, great music, great food, just an all around amazing time. thank you blair & mudd for being one of the most beautiful, inspiring & loving couples i've ever met. two folks more than worthy of a PERFECT wedding day, which it was. thank you soooo much for sharing your day with everyone, there were smiles as far as the eye could see. you two go together like lego, cheers to the entire lifetime of happy bliss you will get to share with each other!

oh, and please sign me up for a copy of the lovely mudd's book, hot DAMN that lady has a way with words! it was getting to the point where i was almost trying to avoid going near her (heehee), every time she'd open her mouth i'd start bawling. :D

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i second that... sooooo much fun! thanks mud & blair for a wonderful night on the beach (which turned into a wonderful morning on the beach!) of dancing, drinking, singing and jamming, and best of all spending a special time with you. it was perfect, and thanks alot everyone (especially blair! argh!) for all of your speeches, i was cryin like a little baby forever! hahaha...


-seeing the boys come out in their awesome groomsmen outfits - white linen buttoned shirts and navy thai pants - wicked

-seeing the girls come out in their bridesmaid dresses - baby blue sundresses - sooo purty!

-seeing mud for the first time in the evening - let the tears commence!

-the disco ball

-benson & caruso as ring bearers

-shaking my ass with palace princess under the stars to george michael

-post-dance party bonfire

-sitting around the fire flanked by little miss pink and palace princess and having them "cheers" eachother; little miss pink with a bottle of tequila and princess with a bottle of wine, how i love you girls!

-listening to polesie and bossence, and playing guitar from dawn til mid-morning

-sun shining on the lake

-watching two people who i love and who are so perfect for eachother tying the knot!!!

i hope you guys have a wonderful honeymoon.

it was perfect, i love you guys, thank you. ::

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so i have been trying to search for words to describe how beautiful and inspiring your wedding was Blair and Mud and all I can do is sigh and say, "WOW!". Quite an emotional day... thinking back to it all still brings a tear to my eye.

The day was perfect, the night was perfect... and you two ...are perfect.

Thanks for sharing this incredible day with me. I wish you all the best.

Love Miranda

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i'm still trying to put the pieces of my brain back together after this weekend heehee, but i thought of a few more highlights

- um, can i just say that meggo rocks wicked balls. :: seriously, people! this girl IS a party! thank you so much for the WONDERFUL morning concert, lady! she provided tons of great tunes on the geetar, even figuring out a ween song! she played for so long, not even blinking at the fact the guitar was spattered in blood (the previous musician definitely gave'r). meggo, i am now fully convinced that you are by far essential to any "oh look, here comes the sun" cracked out still-going-party sessions on the beach. i was *so* happy when i saw you brought the cowboy hat, i was totally hopin' you would! and heeheeheeheehee, george michael, yes!!! ::

-cheers to the whole morning-after crew! nothing like wading in the lake, & singing songs around the campfire at sunrise.

- going for a morning swim with sweetmarie & making a special edition dance routine involving the cat crawl, right outta the lake!

- the badass slide show, chock full of funny pics of everyone!

- watching mudd & her lovely bridesmaids twirling on the dance floor together (the dresses were perfect for it!)

- getting to meet & hang out with a whole bunch of amazing people. talk about a star studded guest list. people literally came from all over the world for this wedding (usa, japan, ireland), and i have to say, blair & mudd have a really special group of people to call their loved ones! amazing people to talk to everywhere you turned.

- dj double k's music selections. now this guy knows FUN!!! :D

- mudd coming out in the morning with a big bag of shoes that were left behind. it's quite funny that enough people left barefoot to fill an entire bag of mystery footwear.

- as meggo mentioned, plopping down next to LittlemissPink at the bonfire after having not seen her for awhile, & when we went to cheers each other, realizing we were both suckin' it back straight outta the bottle. hahahahaha, we're so ladylike

- the fact the entire wedding, reception, everything took place on THE BEACH (and therefore barefoot, in the sand!)

- the bride & groom givin'er right through to the next day.... no sissypants wedding naps on these two!

thanks again you two for the great, great night.... it was absolutely magical. hope you have a fantastic trip out east (we will miss you!) & be sure to update us on your adventures!

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Thanks for the well-wishes everyone and the reviews.....and WOW what a night!!! To me, it couldn't have been more perfect ::

So many wonderful folk in one place - one of the things I loved the most is how well our friends and our parents' friends meshed. I don't know how many of my parents' friends told me that it was the most "real" wedding they've ever been to.

Highlights for me are almost too many to name but I'll try;

1) seeing beautiful mud walk out of the house stop me and everyone in their tracks for the reception

2) seeing gorgeous mud walk down the aisle in her wedding dress - bringing tears to my eyes and a pitter-patter to my heart.

3) speeches

4) hanging out all night/morning at the beach and the fire, laughing, jamming, playing and being surrounded by people we love

5) The TOnin's ripping it up on the dance floor

6) Having Donnie Duval on guitar and Brad Bossence on mandolin playing "The overgrown Waltz" by Bela Fleck while we walked down the aisle and revival as we walked away.

7) At about 8am telling Mud she needed to come look at Polecat playing guitar and see the blood splattered all around where he strums because he'd been playing so long.

8) Bacon going around in the morning telling everyone (individually) that he'd just thought of a song for them because they were so special. (the song started off, "I love you from the bottom of my pencil case". Singing it for my mom and then later singing for my one of my mom's best friends. My mom "catching" him say the same thing to her and saying "you sang that for me earlier". Bacon looking at my mom and her friend and turning to her friend and half whispering, half saying "I did sing it for her earlier but I was lying"

9) Cleaning in the morning and looking at the beach to see Meggo the rock star in her hat playing guitar with the water behind her - great picture.

10) reading Compound Queen's (PP's) reviews - talk about a way with words. So many times I read your stuff and I'm in stitches - you make me laugh so hard.

11) kuipers shouting over the crowd and making me laugh as soon as the groomsmen and I walked out the house.

THere's probably more but I feel like I'm going on and on. ANyways thanks again all. Have a great summer!

Bacon, PP and Stu-dog - absolutely loved your stained glass picture present

LMP and Gator - what a great present - basket awesome - instruments amazing - and flowers smiley (gator sorry about not opening it for the jamming but my parent's had taken it home before I could)

Marie and Zeddy loved your blanket and the personalized touch

Jeff and Simone - Chimes, amazing wooden box and awesome Star light!

Tonin's - Izzy's tickets

THank you all - the gifts were not even close to as important as you being there - but they are much appreciated and will remind us of you whenever we look at them (or think of the Izzy's memories)

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Blair and Mud,

Your wedding was the most beautiful and genuine wedding I have ever witnessed. Absolutely no hokiness that I've witnessed at every wedding that I've attended (as a guest or dj) up to this point. It was the funnest wedding I've ever been to too. It was truly a delight and honour to be a part of it all.

All the amazing friends that were there brought pure joy to me and I reckon to each of those said amazing friends. I remember thinking, as I sat there gazing over the entire assemblage, 'now this is what good poeple is all about!'

The feelings I took with me from this whole experience has inspired me to write a little song, especially for the two of you. (No matter what anyone else says..) I shall sing it for you later today. ::



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