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Page got neroed last night!

Northern Wish

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Last night I was lucky enough to catch a hell of a show at Lupos in Providence..... Trainwreck (Lee and KG from Tenacious D) opening for VIDA BLUE!

The Trainwreck set was hilarious (who else would play Eminem back to back with Working for the Weekend?). They were all decked out in mullet wigs, with leather vests, mesh hats etc. the whole hillbilly thing.

Before Vida Blue took the stage I spotted Brad Sands just off the the side of the stage. I went up and told him how pumped we were to be seeing Page in a small place. Don't know how it came up but he found out I was from Canada and he actually made a point of saying what a great time they had in Toronto with Phish the last couple of shows..... So I took my chance to tell him about nero! I told him about the opening slots for the Slip and JMP- and he told me to tell them to keep going because it ain't easy out there. Anyways, I had also burned a copy of 11.28.02 and included their web address and management email- and I asked him if I could get the cd to Page. He said just wait here when they start the encore......... Well after the end of the encore Brad motions Page over, I got a quick handshake and hand the cd directly to Page!!! In true Page fashion, all I got was a quiet "Thanks". But the deed was done.

On a musical note, VB played a great show (Lupos may not be pretty but its got one of the best bar sound systems I have ever heard). Opener was Manic Depression with Oteil on vox, played most of the album, closed with a little Zeppelin- No Quarter. Page came out for the encore solo and played TINY DANCER! Fluid jams, chest pounding bass and choice covers..... a great night!

Hopefully the nero cd went in to the bus player post show, we may never know.


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