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Happy Birthday Stewart Copeland 07/16/1952


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from www.billboard.com

1952 - Stewart Copeland of the Police is born in Alexandria, Egypt. The group has six top 10 songs and three top five albums. "Synchroniciy," which sells moe than on million copies, tops Billboard's pop album chart for 17 weeks.

I just saw his former bandmate a couple days ago. I'm surprised Sting didn't wish him a early birthday wish before one of the three Police songs. Right!

What a great drummer, I've seen him twice with Oysterhead and once with the reformed Doors, before they were forced to change their name to the Doors of the 21st Century.

When I see Stewart on stage I can just watch him and forget about everyone else for the whole night.

I was talking to MarcO and hamilton about all of the Police, last night after Shannon Lyon. I believe all three of us thought Stewart was much younger than the fifty-two he turned today.

Anyways here's hoping for another Oysterhead album and tour, since the Police reuniting is out of the question. Eh hamilton?

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A buddy of mine from 'way back (like, when we were both 10, in the late '70s) played drums in the orchestras of the schools we went to, from about grade 5 until grade 13. After high school, I don't think he'd had a pair of sticks in his hands, ever.

I pretty much cajoled him into seeing Oysterhead at Massey Hall in 2001, and we ended up with front-row balcony seats (on Trey's side).

During the show, as much fun as Trey and Les were, it was Copeland who blew me away. As we were walking out, my buddy said, "You know, I should pick up the sticks again..."

I, too, am looking for more Oysterhead, just to be given the chance to see Copeland again.



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